My high school math teacher always wore the most unique ties to class every day. It seemed like he never ran out of ideas of creative and corky ties to bring to school. Many of his ties were colorful and were detailed with the most innovative designs. However, some of the ties he wore were tacky and quite frankly should have been left in the closet. On special occasions he would come to class in a suit and he would have a fancy tie made from designer materials. It did not matter if it was a business occasion or if it was casual Friday as he was wearing some kind of tie every day that I saw him. Halfway into the school year, I finally went up to his desk after class to ask him what was the purpose of wearing all the different ties. Additionally, I asked him what kind of places was he able to find such uniquely designed ties. He told me that his obsession with ties started at a young age watching his dad go to work every day. His dad worked in sales so he had to wear a suit and tie every day to work. His dad became frustrated of having to wear the same ties each and every day as his collection of ties at the time was extremely spins

My teacher told me his dad literally had only two or three ties to wear, and his dad was forced to wear a tie to work every day. He was given the task by his dad to find amazing ties for him to wear to work so he would not have to go to work depressed every day. His dad must have either hated his job or he simply was appalled by his own tie collection. I do not even think my teacher knew the real reasons behind his dad’s ordering of him to find ties. Regardless, my teacher told me throughout his entire youth he would spend his spare time looking for the right ties to make his dad happy to go to work. Some of the places he would find ties included yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops, and boutique shops. He told me some of the ties were boring, some had interesting designs, and some had funny characters on them. Whenever he found one that he thought was unique, he would bring it home to his dad. My teacher ended up collecting over 500 ties as a child. He told me that this hobby of his continued into adulthood and he now has over 5,000 ties at the present day. When his dad passed away, all the ties he collected for his dad to wear to work were passed down to him.

When my teacher finished telling me his story about how his tie collection began, I was truly touched of how dedicated he was to helping his dad as a child. It inspired me to always look out for my parents whenever they may need me. The very next school day after my teacher told me his incredible story, I wore a tie to class to show him my appreciation for his story.

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