My friend David and I were brainstorming ideas for a new app we wanted to create. David and I both love to go to casinos and do our fair share of gambling, but sometimes our busy schedules cannot be coordinated together. We particularly loved to play slots together and to strategize the best ways to win. In order to enjoy our hobby of gambling together more frequently, we wanted to create an online casino we could play at the same time. Even if we could not be in the same place at the same time, we could still enjoy our hobby through an online casino. Our goal was to create an online casino with free spins and promote it as one of the best online casinos. We wanted the online casino to be accessible on computer and through an app as well in case a desktop or laptop was not accessible.Free spins

We were also having a difficult time creating a theme for the online casino. Despite our combined experience in the casino world, we could not formulate any ideas for a theme for the slot game of our online casino. It occurred to us that maybe we were both trying too hard and should take a simpler approach for a theme. I decided to think back to my past business experiences and recalled my side business selling ties in college. I sold a variety of tie designs to staff members all across the area I lived in at the time. The perfect idea for a slot game for our online casino immediately came to mind. The person spinning would be the “teacher” and in the game there would be different point totals for different tie designs. Fancier and more complex tie designs would be worth more points and earnings than the simple tie designs. The teacher playing the game would always be given free spins to start playing one of the best online casinos for teachers on the market.

Now that we had our theme for the game, the next step was to promote our new online casino. Neither of us was an expert in advertising and marketing, but I did have more experience than David due to my side business ventures in college. We wanted our casino to have a lot of traffic online since we both agreed we would attempt to make a profit from our online casino creation. Since we already had the theme of a teacher collecting ties in our slot game, we wanted to make teachers our target audience. We also agreed to heavily promote that free spins are included when first playing the online casino. We thought it would draw in a big audience more quickly by indicating the first spins were free. Once the online casino was completely developed and was fully operational, we started running ads on social media to get our new online casino additional exposure. The description of our online casino would say “start your game with free spins and enjoy one of the best online casinos made for teachers like you.” David and I were ready to make our dream of owning our own online casino a reality.

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